Additional Email Accounts

netINS offers 5 email accounts with each Internet account!

You can request additional accounts on this page. To access these mailboxes you must have an account that gives you dedicated or dial-up access to the Internet.

  •  netINS DSL, Dedicated, and Dialup Service customers receive four free Additional Email accounts with service.
  •  If you need more than 4 additional email accounts you can obtain them at rate of $5.00 per month.*

Sign Up Now!!
The following form will allow you to order additional email boxes to your existing account. If you are not a netINS user please contact Customer Service at 1-800-CALL-INS or for details on how to sign up. Required fields are in bold type.

This should be the account you use to connect to the Internet.

Submitting this form will generate a request to the netINS Accounts Department. The Current netINS Email Address listed at the top will receive an updated Account Settings Document via Email. This will include the new usernames and passwords to begin using the service. If a username is not available you will be contacted to choose an alternative.

*Service with netINS is available directly from netINS in some areas. In other areas, our services are made available by our member companies or other independent companies. Pricing listed is for service purchased directly from netINS. netINS is a dynamic and expanding service. Services, availability, and pricing are all subject to change.